Responsible Financial Stewardship

The Prince William County School School Board is entrusted with millions of your tax dollars every year, money the Board of County Supervisors and tax payers expect will be used responsibly and in the best interest of our students. Every tax dollar that is allocated to the school system should be spent to support our students' learning and growth. As your School Board Representative, at the core of every decision I make will be our students.  

I work everday to ensure that my school is responsible with our resources to provide the best possible education to our students, preparing them to be globally conscious citizens prepared for adulthood in the 21st century. I see the position as the Occoquan School Board Representative as an extension of the job that I have been doing everyday for 22 years.


Data-Driven Decision Making

 In order to make the decisions that are in the best interest of our students, I will look at all data available. If I don't feel that there is enough data available to make an informed and responsible decision, I will ask for more.  Data comes in 2 forms, numbers (quantative) and words (qualatative). Test scores, college and career readiness, and rankings based on Advanced Academics are key pieces of information. But, as your voice on the School Board, I will never forget that the most important data comes in the form of input from our stakeholders, the students, the school staff, and the parents and community!

I will approach every decision thru the lenses of a mom, an administrator, and a community member. I will ask, "How would this decision affect my child?" "How might this decision look in a school everyday?" and "What impact will this have on our Occoquan Community?"

Transparent and Responsive Communication

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my 22 years in education is the importance of effective collaboration, which requires transparent and responsive communication. No matter how hard I try to see an issue from all sides, someone always manages to point out an idea, concern, or impact that I've missed. 

My success as an administrator has been built on my efforts to collaborate with others, and, as your School Board Representative, I will take every opportunity to work with all stakeholders. 

In all of my past endeavors, personal and professional, I have  worked hard to earn a reputation for being earnest, trustworthy, and reliable.   I will continue those efforts as your Occoquan District representative on the School Board by using data to make responsible decisions, listeniing to and taking all stakeholders' opinions and ideas with me  to the dais.  As your voice on the School Board, I will never give anyone reason to question my motives or agenda. The needs of the students and the community will be at the heart of every vote I cast.